Do Volkswagen Own Porsche: (Get Answer)

Do Volkswagen Own Porsche

Yes, Volkswagen owns Porsche.

Does Volkswagen Own Porsche?

History of Volkswagen and Porsche

Volkswagen and Porsche have a long history together. In 1964, Porsche acquired a 50% stake in Volkswagen, and in 2009, Volkswagen acquired the remaining 50% stake. Today, Volkswagen is the majority owner of Porsche.

Volkswagen and Porsche Today

Volkswagen and Porsche are two of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry. Volkswagen is known for its mass-market vehicles, while Porsche is known for its high-performance sports cars. Despite their different target markets, the two companies share a common goal: to produce high-quality, reliable vehicles.

Benefits of Volkswagen’s Ownership of Porsche

There are several benefits to Volkswagen’s ownership of Porsche. First, it gives Volkswagen access to Porsche’s expertise in developing high-performance engines and transmissions. This expertise has helped Volkswagen to improve the performance of its own vehicles. Second, Porsche’s strong brand image has helped to boost Volkswagen’s sales. Third, Volkswagen has been able to use Porsche’s engineering and design capabilities to develop new products, such as the Volkswagen Taycan electric car.


Volkswagen’s ownership of Porsche has been a mutually beneficial relationship. Volkswagen has gained access to Porsche’s expertise and brand image, while Porsche has benefited from Volkswagen’s financial resources and global reach. This partnership is likely to continue for many years to come.

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FAQs: Does Volkswagen own Porsche?

Q: Does Volkswagen own Porsche?

A: Yes, Volkswagen owns Porsche.

Q: When did Volkswagen acquire Porsche?

A: Volkswagen acquired Porsche in 2012.

Q: What brands does Volkswagen own?

A: Volkswagen owns a number of brands, including Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and SEAT.

Q: Why did Volkswagen acquire Porsche?

A: Volkswagen acquired Porsche in order to gain access to its engineering expertise and to expand its range of luxury vehicles.

Q: What is the future of Volkswagen and Porsche?

A: Volkswagen and Porsche are planning to work together to develop new electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies.

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