Does Volkswagen Own Lambo: (Find Out)

Yes, Volkswagen owns Lamborghini.

Does Volkswagen Own Lamborghini?

History of Volkswagen and Lamborghini

Volkswagen and Lamborghini have a long history together. In 1998, Volkswagen acquired Lamborghini from the Chrysler Corporation. At the time, Lamborghini was struggling financially and Volkswagen saw an opportunity to acquire a world-renowned sports car brand.

What does Volkswagen own of Lamborghini?

Volkswagen owns 100% of Lamborghini. This means that Volkswagen has full control over the company’s operations, including its design, engineering, and production.

What does Lamborghini contribute to Volkswagen?

Lamborghini contributes to Volkswagen in a number of ways. First, Lamborghini’s sports cars help to boost Volkswagen’s image as a premium brand. Second, Lamborghini’s technology and engineering expertise helps to improve Volkswagen’s other products. Third, Lamborghini’s sales help to generate revenue for Volkswagen.

Is Volkswagen planning to sell Lamborghini?

There have been rumors that Volkswagen is planning to sell Lamborghini. However, Volkswagen has denied these rumors and has said that it has no plans to sell the company.


Volkswagen and Lamborghini have a long and successful history together. Volkswagen has helped to turn Lamborghini around and has made it a profitable company. It is unlikely that Volkswagen will sell Lamborghini anytime soon.

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FAQs: Does Volkswagen own Lamborghini?

Q: Does Volkswagen own Lamborghini?

A: Yes, Volkswagen owns Lamborghini.

Q: When did Volkswagen buy Lamborghini?

A: Volkswagen acquired Lamborghini in 1998.

Q: What brands does Volkswagen own?

In addition to Lamborghini, Volkswagen owns a number of other brands, including Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Porsche, and Seat.

Q: Why did Volkswagen buy Lamborghini?

Volkswagen bought Lamborghini in order to expand its range of luxury vehicles.

Q: What is the future of Lamborghini under Volkswagen?

Volkswagen plans to continue to invest in Lamborghini and to develop new models.

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