Does Volkswagen Owns Audi: (Find Out)

Yes, Volkswagen owns Audi. Volkswagen acquired the company in 1965 and has since been a wholly owned subsidiary.

Does Volkswagen Own Audi?

History of Volkswagen and Audi

Volkswagen and Audi have a long history together. In 1964, Volkswagen acquired Auto Union, the parent company of Audi. Since then, Volkswagen has owned Audi and has played a major role in the company’s development.

Volkswagen’s Ownership of Audi

Volkswagen’s ownership of Audi has had a number of benefits for both companies. Volkswagen has provided Audi with financial support and engineering expertise, which has helped Audi to become a world-renowned automaker. In turn, Audi has contributed to Volkswagen’s success by selling millions of vehicles worldwide.

Audi’s Role in the Volkswagen Group

Audi is one of the most important brands in the Volkswagen Group. The company is responsible for a significant portion of the group’s sales and profits. Audi also plays a leading role in the development of new technologies, such as electric vehicles and self-driving cars.


Volkswagen’s ownership of Audi has been a mutually beneficial relationship. Volkswagen has helped Audi to become a global success, and Audi has contributed to Volkswagen’s growth and profitability. It is likely that this relationship will continue for many years to come.

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FAQs: Does Volkswagen Own Audi?

Q: Does Volkswagen own Audi?

Yes, Volkswagen does own Audi. Volkswagen acquired Audi in 1965 and has since been its parent company.

Q: What other brands does Volkswagen own?

In addition to Audi, Volkswagen also owns the following brands:

  • Bugatti
  • Lamborghini
  • Porsche
  • SEAT
  • Škoda

Q: How many cars does Volkswagen sell each year?

In 2021, Volkswagen sold over 9.3 million cars worldwide.

Q: Where is Volkswagen headquartered?

Volkswagen is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Q: What is Volkswagen’s mission statement?

Volkswagen’s mission statement is to be the world’s leading provider of sustainable mobility.

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