Tesla Vs Edison Ac Dc: (A Comparison of Electric Vehicles)

The rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison is one of the most famous in history. The two men were brilliant inventors, but they had very different ideas about how electricity should be transmitted. Edison believed that direct current (DC) was the best way to send electricity over long distances, while Tesla argued that alternating current (AC) was superior.

The battle between AC and DC was a major turning point in the history of electricity. Edison’s DC system was the first to be used commercially, but it had a number of drawbacks. DC could only be transmitted over short distances, and it was not very efficient. Tesla’s AC system, on the other hand, could be transmitted over long distances with very little loss of power. It was also much more efficient than DC.

In the end, Tesla’s AC system won out. AC is now the standard for transmitting electricity around the world. However, Edison’s DC system still has some uses, such as in battery-powered devices.

Here is a more detailed look at the AC vs DC battle:


Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia in 1856. He was a brilliant engineer and inventor, and he made many important contributions to the field of electricity. In 1884, Tesla moved to the United States and began working for Thomas Edison. Edison was a famous inventor and businessman, and he had developed a successful system for generating and distributing electricity using DC.

Tesla quickly became disillusioned with Edison’s DC system. He believed that AC was a superior technology, and he began to work on his own AC system. In 1888, Tesla filed a patent for an AC induction motor, which was a major breakthrough.

The Battle Begins

Edison was not happy about Tesla’s work on AC. He believed that DC was the superior technology, and he was determined to prevent Tesla from succeeding. Edison launched a smear campaign against AC, claiming that it was dangerous and unsafe. He even offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could prove that AC was fatal.

Tesla was not deterred by Edison’s attacks. He continued to work on his AC system, and he eventually succeeded in developing a practical and efficient way to generate and distribute AC electricity. In 1893, Tesla’s AC system was used to power the World’s Fair in Chicago, and it was a huge success.

The Battle Ends

The battle between AC and DC was finally decided in 1896. That year, the city of New York held a competition to choose a system for distributing electricity. Tesla’s AC system won the competition, and it was soon adopted by cities all over the world.

DC is still used in some applications, such as in battery-powered devices. However, AC is now the standard for transmitting electricity around the world.


The battle between AC and DC was a major turning point in the history of electricity. Tesla’s victory over Edison ensured that AC would become the standard for transmitting electricity, and it paved the way for the development of the modern electrical grid.

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