Tesla Vs Taycan: (A Comparison of Electric Vehicles)

Tesla vs Taycan: Which is the Best Electric Car?

Vehicle Features

The Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan are two of the most popular electric cars on the market. Both offer impressive performance, long range, and luxurious interiors. However, there are some key differences between the two cars that may make one a better choice for you than the other.

Feature Tesla Model S Porsche Taycan
Range 405 miles 311 miles
Acceleration 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds
Top Speed 163 mph 161 mph
Interior Space 5-seater 4-seater
Cargo Space 28 cubic feet 14.1 cubic feet

As you can see, the Tesla Model S has a longer range and faster acceleration than the Porsche Taycan. However, the Taycan has a more luxurious interior and more cargo space. Ultimately, the best car for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


Both the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan are very impressive performers. The Model S has a range of 405 miles, while the Taycan has a range of 311 miles. The Model S can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds, while the Taycan can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds. Both cars have a top speed of 163 mph.

In terms of handling, the Model S is more agile and nimble, while the Taycan is more stable and planted. The Model S has a lower center of gravity, which helps it to corner more quickly. The Taycan has a wider track and a longer wheelbase, which gives it more stability.

Overall, both the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan are excellent performers. The Model S is the better choice for drivers who prioritize range and acceleration, while the Taycan is the better choice for drivers who prioritize handling and comfort.


The Tesla Model S starts at $74,990, while the Porsche Taycan starts at $81,200. The Model S has a higher base price than the Taycan, but it also offers more range and acceleration. The Taycan has a lower base price than the Model S, but it offers less range and acceleration.

Both cars qualify for the federal electric vehicle tax credit of $7,500. However, the tax credit is gradually phased out as more electric vehicles are sold. The Model S is eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit, while the Taycan is only eligible for a partial tax credit.

In terms of monthly payments, the Model S will cost about $600 per month, while the Taycan will cost about $700 per month. The monthly payment will vary depending on your down payment, interest rate, and loan term.

Overall, the Tesla Model S is the more affordable option. However, the Porsche Taycan offers more luxury and performance.

Charging Infrastructure

Both the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan can be charged at home using a Level 2 charger. A Level 2 charger can add about 25 miles of range per hour of charging. The Model S and the Taycan can also be charged at public Level 2 chargers and DC fast chargers.

Tesla has the largest network of public charging stations in the United States. There are over 25,000 Tesla Superchargers worldwide. The Taycan can use Tesla Superchargers, but it can also use the CHAdeMO fast charging standard. There are over 10,000 CHAdeMO chargers worldwide.

Overall, both the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan have good charging infrastructure. The Model S has the advantage of having a

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