Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter Not Working: [Proven Ways To Fix]

Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter Not Working

As a certified Volkswagen service technician, I have seen firsthand the frustration and inconvenience that a non-working cigarette lighter can cause for Volkswagen owners. Not only is it a major inconvenience, but it can also be a safety hazard if you need to use your car’s cigarette lighter for something essential, such as charging your phone or using a GPS device. That’s why I’ve created this troubleshooting guide to help you quickly diagnose and resolve the issue. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot a non-working cigarette lighter, including checking the fuse, inspecting the wiring, and replacing the cigarette lighter itself. By following these steps, you can quickly get your cigarette lighter back in working order and enjoy all the conveniences it offers.

Why Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter Not Working

Loose or damaged wiring

The cigarette lighter is powered by a small electrical outlet in your car. If the wiring to this outlet is loose or damaged, it can prevent the cigarette lighter from working. This is a common problem, and it can be fixed by a qualified mechanic.

Burned-out fuse

Another common cause of a non-working cigarette lighter is a burned-out fuse. The fuse for the cigarette lighter is usually located in the fuse box under the hood of your car. To check if the fuse is blown, you can use a multimeter or a test light. If the fuse is blown, you can replace it with a new one.

Faulty cigarette lighter

In some cases, the cigarette lighter itself may be faulty. This can happen if the lighter is damaged or if it has become corroded. If you suspect that the cigarette lighter is faulty, you can have it replaced by a qualified mechanic.

Other causes

There are a few other possible causes of a non-working cigarette lighter. These include:

A problem with the car’s electrical system
A problem with the ignition switch
A problem with the cigarette lighter’s button

If you have tried the above solutions and your cigarette lighter is still not working, it is best to take your car to a qualified mechanic for further diagnosis.

How to Troubleshoot: Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter Not Working

What to Do When Your Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter Is Not Working

Your Volkswagen cigarette lighter is a convenient way to power small devices while you’re on the go. But what happens when it stops working? Here are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the problem:

Check the fuse. The first thing you should do is check the fuse for the cigarette lighter. This is usually located in the fuse box under the hood. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new one.
Check the wiring. The next thing you should do is check the wiring for the cigarette lighter. Look for any damaged or frayed wires. If you find any damage, repair or replace the wires as needed.
Check the cigarette lighter itself. If the fuse and wiring are okay, then the problem may be with the cigarette lighter itself. Try cleaning the cigarette lighter contacts with a small brush or toothpick. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the cigarette lighter.

How to Replace a Volkswagen Cigarette Lighter

If you need to replace your Volkswagen cigarette lighter, you can do it yourself with a few simple tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

A new cigarette lighter
A Phillips head screwdriver
A flathead screwdriver
Electrical tape

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Remove the trim panel around the cigarette lighter. This is usually held in place with clips.
2. Unplug the electrical connector from the back of the cigarette lighter.
3. Remove the old cigarette lighter by unscrewing the two Phillips head screws that hold it in place.
4. Insert the new cigarette lighter into the slot and screw it in place.
5. Plug the electrical connector back into the back of the cigarette lighter.
6. Reattach the trim panel around the cigarette lighter.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve tried the steps above and your Volkswagen cigarette lighter still isn’t working, here are a few additional troubleshooting tips:

Make sure the cigarette lighter is turned on. Some Volkswagen models have a switch to turn the cigarette lighter on and off.
Try using a different device in the cigarette lighter. If another device works, then the problem is with the device you were originally trying to use.
If you’re still having trouble, take your Volkswagen to a qualified mechanic. They can diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

You can help prevent problems with your Volkswagen cigarette lighter by following these tips:

Don’t overload the cigarette lighter. Only plug in one device at a time.
Don’t leave devices plugged into the cigarette lighter when you’re not using them.
Avoid using damaged or frayed cords.
Clean the cigarette lighter contacts regularly with a small brush or toothpick.

By following these tips, you can help keep your Volkswagen cigarette lighter working properly for years to come.

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